Builder + Badges

In NBA 2K24, you can play using the new MyPLAYER builder + badge system, which allows you to customize and improve your MyPLAYER character. You can experiment with different builds, which are like different types of players, to find the best strategy for success in the game. So, try out different builds, earn badges, and have fun dominating the court in NBA 2K24.

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The newest game in the NBA 2K series, they really focused on making your journey as an NBA player in MyCAREER even more exciting. As you start your journey to become a Hall of Famer, you can create your own player from scratch or use a template in the Player Builder. There have been some changes in how you earn badges and customize your MyPLAYER. These awesome new features and improvements are only available on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S on New Gen consoles. So get ready to experience the game like never before


In NBA 2K24, they made some changes to the badge system to make it even better. They added new badges and made improvements to existing ones. Now there are a total of 77 skill badges across MyTEAM and MyCAREER. These badges can help you with scoring, ball-handling, passing, and defense. It’s exciting to see how you’ll use them in the game.


Players with different skills like slashing, scoring in the post, shooting, and handling the ball have new opportunities to showcase their abilities in NBA 2K24.

  • Float Game – A player’s ability to make floaters and runners while attacking the basket is improved with Float Game.
  • Scooper – Quick scoop layup shot chances are improved with the new Scooper badge.
  • Bunny – Hop step layups and dunks receive an increased shot chance with Bunny.
  • Spin Cycle – Drives finished with a spin layup or dunk will receive an increased shot chance ability thanks to Spin Cycle.
  • Two Step – Cradle and Euro step layups and dunks receive a shot boost with Two Step.
  • Precision Dunker – Those who utilize the skill dunk mechanic will receive an improved chance of flushing their dunk attempt with Precision Dunker.
  • Hook Specialist – No love lost for post-play aficionados. Brought back from the dead, Hook Specialist increases a player’s ability to make hook shots out of the post.
  • Post-Fade Phenom – Similar to Hook Specialist, Post-Fade Phenom will allow a player to make post-fades and hop shots out of the post at a higher clip.


  • Open Looks – As a way to encourage sudden opportunities, Open Looks will enhance a player’s ability to make wide-open jumpers.
  • Spot Finder – By utilizing the “Get Open” mechanic (R2 or Right Trigger Tap), Spot Finder allows players to receive a speed boost off-the-ball to get to an open space, with a raised chance of knocking down the shot off the ensuing catch.
  • Whistle – Creating contact and getting to the free throw line when attacking the rim or shooting a jump shot is improved with the new Whistle badge.
  • Free Points – In clutch moments, knocking down free throws with the game on the line is improved with Free Points.
  • Bulldozer – A mix of a scoring and a ball-handling badge, think of this as Bully version 2.0 with elements of the old Clamp Breaker. Bulldozer improves the player’s ability to push through physical body-ups and finish with physicality around the rim.


If you love making plays on the court, you’ll be thrilled to know that NBA 2K24 offers a bunch of new badges for playmakers like you.

  • Relay Passer – A hockey assist badge, Relay Passer provides a boost to shooters in a pass-to-assist situation.
  • Touch Passer – Players who quickly move the ball upon receiving it will get faster pass animations with Touch Passer.
  • Big Driver – Face-up bigs driving to the basket from within the mid-range area will receive an initial launch boost with Big Driver.
  • Blow-By – Quicker ball-handlers receive boosts in body-up interactions with defenders when Blow-By is equipped.
  • Physical Handles – During physical body-up interactions, players with Physical Handles have a higher chance of winning the outcome following a dribble move.
  • Speed Booster – A perimeter-only quick first step badge, Speed Booster will allow for quicker launches when coming from a stand-still dribble situation.
  • Triple Strike – Players excel with triple threat launches and jukes at a higher rate with Triple Strike.


Defensive players in NBA 2K24 are also getting some love! They have new options and improvements to help them become champions on the court.

  • Fast Feet – Defensive players in NBA 2K24 won’t be left behind when it comes to speed boosts! They have a badge called “Fast Feet” that works like a quick first step, helping them keep up with agile ball-handlers. It’s all about fairness on the court.
  • Right Stick Ripper – If you like using the right-stick steal move in NBA 2K24, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a boost called “Right Stick Ripper” that enhances your steal attempts! It’s a great advantage for players who master that move.
  • Immovable Enforcer – Defensive players in NBA 2K24 have a powerful advantage called “Immovable Enforcer”! It helps them win physical battles against opponents, especially in body-ups and contact layups. It’s like a direct counter to the Bulldozer move.
  • 94 Feet – If you have the “94 Feet” badge in NBA 2K24, you’ll have an advantage when pressing full court. You’ll experience less fatigue and have better chances of winning physical battles. Opponents without this badge will regret trying to press you.

BADGES REMOVED: Limitless Takeoff, Bully, Clamp Breaker, Menace, Mismatch Expert, Quick First Step, Vice Grip, Amped, Clutch Shooter, Floor General, Volume Shooter.

MyCAREER Builder And Badge Progression Builder

MyPLAYER Builder + Badges

Just like most NBA 2K players, when you start the game, you probably want to go to the MyCAREER builder right away to create your first MyPLAYER. Well, good news! The builder has been updated with lots of changes and improvements to make it the best one yet.

When you start playing NBA 2K24, you can jump right into the MyCAREER builder to create your very own MyPLAYER. The builder has been updated with lots of exciting changes and improvements to make it the best one yet. You can choose to customize your player or start with a pre-made NBA player template. These templates have different player types that you can customize to your liking. And guess what? You can even keep the player as they are and start your career right away. It’s all about giving you the freedom to create the player you want to be on the court.

Badge Level Progression

MyPLAYER Builder + Badges

Once you’ve created your player and started your career, you’ll embark on a journey to collect badges. We have an all-new badge progression system that focuses on showcasing your skills on the court. Your badge levels are determined by how often you use them in games.

Over time, your badge level will match your play style. Badges with high usage and success will level up, while those with lower usage will trend downwards. Some badges are protected in certain game modes. The tiering system makes it easier to gain and keep lower-tier badges, while higher-tier badges require more effort. The system allows you to showcase your unique playing style. You can also improve badge progression in practice facilities. Keep practicing and perfecting your skills.

Rewards and Features

There are lots of cool rewards and features that can help you level up your badges faster:

Rewards and Features
  • Badge Perks are like special rewards that give extra benefits to your badges as they level up. On the Badge Perks page, you have slots to fill with perks once you unlock them. Each perk has four slots, one for each badge tier. You can only apply one perk to a badge at a time. Here are the different badge perks you can choose from:
    • Overdrive – Increases badge level progression in games.
    • Immunity – Slows down badge level regression in games.
    • Drill Savant – Increases badge level progression in Team Practice Facility.
    • Scholar – This perk is a special bonus that can help your badge level up faster in PvP games. If you finish the game with a high Teammate Grade, you’ll get a big boost in badge progression. But be careful! If your Teammate Grade isn’t high, you won’t get any progression for the badge. It’s a special prize for this season.
    • Winner’s Circle – This perk is like a special bonus that helps your badge level up faster in PvP games. If you win the game, you’ll get an extra boost in badge progression. But here’s the catch: if you lose the game, you won’t make any progress for the badge. It’s a cool prize for this season.
    • High-Risk – This perk is like a special bonus that helps your badge level up faster in PvP games when you use your badges. But be careful! If you don’t use your badges, your progression will slow down. It’s a cool prize for this season.

Performance Multipliers

Performance Multipliers
  • Performance Multipliers are like special rewards that give benefits to all of your equipped badges at the same time. But here’s the catch: you have to meet certain challenges in different game modes to unlock these benefits. There are three types of Performance Multipliers, each with four versions, for a total of 12 multipliers. They work in NBA, City, The REC, and Pro-Am modes. They’re pretty cool.
    • Grade A Student – If you finish games with a high Teammate Grade, your equipped badges will level up faster.
    • Winner Takes All – If you win games, your equipped badges will level up faster. It’s like a boost for your badges.
    • Up For The Challenge – When you play against tough opponents in games, your equipped badges will level up faster. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and make progress.
  • Floor Setters are powerful prizes that you can earn in each season. They help prevent your badges from dropping below a certain level. You can apply them to your badges permanently, but they can’t be changed. If your player can progress beyond the Floor Setter level, they won’t be stopped from doing so.


NBA 2K24 is all about giving you the most realistic basketball experience while also encouraging creativity. The MyPLAYER builder and badge system in NBA 2K24 have been improved to get rid of repetitive builds and let you play in your own unique style. You can now create a player that suits your individuality and stand out on the court. You can be a dominant player in different ways, so it’s up to you to decide how you’ll shine on the court.