NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM mode is back with even more cool stuff like rewards, cards, packs, and game modes. NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM mode is back and better than ever! There are more rewards, cards, packs, and game modes to enjoy. There are also new features like Seasons and XP, Salary Cap mode, and different ways to earn MyTEAM Points. Let’s dive in and check it out together.

MyTEAM Points and Launch Gem Colors

MyTEAM NBA 2K24 option pack

NBA 2K24 made some big changes to MyTEAM! Now you can earn more MyTEAM Points (MTP) just by playing games. They also added new ways to earn MTP and introduced gem colors like Diamond. There will be awesome rewards in Season 1. They’re listening to feedback to make the game even better.

In NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM, there are some awesome cards to collect! The top ones are Diamonds, rated 92-94 overall. But this year, even lower gem classes like Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst can be really powerful. If you have the Black Mamba Edition, you get a cool bonus pack with those cards. In Season 1, there’s a Ruby Giannis Antetokounmpo with extra Hall of Fame badges. And as you level up, you can earn even better cards like a Diamond at Level 40. So many great players to choose from.


New Player Market

This year in MyTEAM, there’s a big change with Player Cards! Instead of only using the Auction House, now there’s a Player Market where you can buy almost any Player Card. It’s a fair system for everyone. You can see the prices and use VC or MTP to add cards to your collection. If you’re short on MTP, you can even buy more. New collections will be available right away, and you can get discounts for completing sets. It’s easier to get the cards you want now.


There’s also a cool Deal of the Day in the Player Market! Every day, a different Player Card is available at a discount. Make sure to check it out! The Player Market is designed to make it easy for everyone to improve their lineups and complete their collections. You can search for specific players, like a sharpshooter or a lockdown defender. There’s even a filter for a card’s maximum salary for Salary Cap lineups. Lots of exciting features to explore in MyTEAM.


You’re gonna love this! Now you can add Player Cards to your collection and sell them for a ton of MTP. The amount of MTP you get for quick-selling a player card is the highest ever! At launch, Ruby Player cards like #2KDAY Patrick Ewing are not only super powerful, but you can also sell them for over 25,000 MTP, and you can even increase that value. So cool, right?


The Card Grading Service in MyTEAM is back and better than ever! You can send your Player Cards to be graded and they’ll come back in a fancy sealed case. It’s a good idea to send your cards for grading because if you get a “Flawless” 10, the sell value of your Player Card will go way up! And here’s the best part: you can even re-grade your cards two more times to try and get a higher rating.

Pack Market

The new Player Market is the place to be when you know exactly which Player Card you want for your lineup. But guess what? The folks at NBA 2K24 have also listened to the community’s feedback and made some awesome changes to the Pack Market. Now, when new packs are released, you’ll have better chances of getting rare Player Cards.


Plus, there will be more options for guaranteed pulls with fan-favorite pack types. They’re even adding Equal Chance and Option Packs, along with the new Prime Box. These Prime Boxes guarantee a top-tier player, along with multiple Equal Chance and Option Packs. And here’s the best part: each Prime Box also comes with a Hall of Fame badge! So you’re in for some exciting pack openings, my friend!

You won’t believe it! Holo cards are still dropping from packs in the Pack Market, and they’re even more special now. Not only are they super shiny and cool, but they also have a massive 4x multiplier on their sell value. For example, that #2KDAY Ruby Patrick Ewing we talked about earlier? Well, a holo version of that card would sell for over 100,000 MTP! And if you send it for grading, it could be worth even more. It’s all about that bling, my friend.


Oh, and let me tell you about a cool thing in MyTEAM. You know those “budget” cards that you can get for cheap? Well, even though their value might decrease over time, they’re still worth picking up. After three weeks of being released, the values of those cards will start to go down to match their value at that time of year. But don’t worry, unsellable Player Cards will still be super powerful on the court. And hey, if you happen to get a duplicate, their sell values will be similar to previous years. So keep an eye out for those valuable cards.


There are three big changes in MyTEAM: the Player Market, MTP upgrades, and an updated XP system for leveling up in Seasons. The XP you earn in MyTEAM will now be connected to your progress in MyCAREER.

In NBA 2K24, earning XP in MyTEAM is easier than ever! Just play games and you’ll earn XP, regardless of whether you win or lose. And guess what? Limited Time Events will now have double XP across all modes in MyTEAM! You can also use seasonal 2XP Coins to activate double XP for a specific amount of time. Just like in MyCAREER, make sure to use them before the season ends.


In NBA 2K24, you can earn extra XP and progress in the Season through Dynamic Goals. These goals are based on new Player Cards you get from the Pack Market. If you complete a goal within 24 hours, you’ll earn bonus XP and Season progress.

For players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, MyTEAM progress will carry over to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Your collection and mode progress will be available on the new consoles. Season progress will also count on both generations, but rewards in the Free Pass and Pro Pass tracks can only be claimed once per username. No matter how you play, you can level up and earn rewards in NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM!


In MyTEAM Season 1, there are lots of cool rewards to play for! As you level up, you’ll get LeBron James as the Level 1 reward, Prize Basketball Cards that give rewards when used, a chance to rise up the Seasonal Ascension board, spin a wheel with NBA All-Stars’ Series 1 cards, new Season-themed uniforms, and even 2XP Coins to level up faster! It’s gonna be awesome!


To get more Player Reward Cards in Season 1’s Free Pass, look for players connected to Kobe Bryant. You can get players like Emerald KG, Emerald Jordan Clarkson, Sapphire Vlade Divac, Ruby Bradley Beal, and an Amethyst card for Magic Johnson. You’ll also get an Amethyst Phil Jackson Coach Card with new Coach Boosts. And if you reach Level 40, you’ll get a Diamond Kyrie Irving!

Pro Pass or the Hall of Fame Pass

If you get the Pro Pass or the Hall of Fame Pass in Season 1, reaching Level 40 will get you a special version of Diamond Kyrie Irving with cool artwork! As you level up, you’ll also get 2XP Coins, more Ascension Picks, 20K MTP, 45K VC, and more choices from the Season 1 Hall of Fame Option Pack. It’s gonna be awesome.


If you really go all out and earn everything in Season 1, there’s an extra reward waiting for you! Reach Level 40, collect all the Ruby Player Reward Cards, and get enough Seasonal Tokens to add three more players to your collection. If you can do it all, you’ll get Diamond Brandon Roy as the ultimate reward! And hey, there’s a new twist on Tokens this season. They’re not as easy to get, but the rewards in the Token Market are more exciting. So make sure to spend your Tokens before the season ends.


In Season 1, there are some cool changes happening to the rewards you can get in different game modes. The mini games and rewards are not tied to specific modes anymore. For example, you can play the Door Game in Triple Threat Online or earn Ball Drops in Clutch Time. Before you start a game, you can check what rewards you could earn. Triple Threat Online will also have new rewards and a mini game after each win. And there will be more events where you can earn Player Reward Cards. Keep an eye out for announcements on social media and in the game.

point card


In NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM, crossplay is here! It means that players on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S can play together and compete against each other. You’ll have more friends to play with and shorter wait times to find matches in all the multiplayer modes. There’s also a cool new mode called Salary Cap, where you have a limit to the salaries of the players in your lineup. Each season, Salary Cap is split into three rounds, and in Season 1, you can earn Ruby Player Reward Cards for each round. And if you earn all three in Season 1, you’ll get an Amethyst Victor Oladipo Reward Card. It’s gonna be a blast.


The new Salary Cap mode in NBA 2K24, the salaries of players in your lineup can change based on how much they’re being used. The goal is to make building a strong lineup a challenge that requires skill. The games in Salary Cap mode have a unique format where you play a regular 6-minute period in the first half, trying to build a lead. Then, in the second half, the game changes to a fixed score ending. The first team to reach that target score wins! This format makes for exciting and competitive games. Plus, the shorter games give you more time to earn points, move up the tiers, and get more rewards. It’s gonna be a blast.

In NBA 2K24 the Draft and Limited modes from last year won’t be returning. But don’t worry, the strategies and rewards from those modes will be used in new and exciting ways in Salary Cap, Unlimited, and other modes. There’s a new way to earn championship rings each week in Championship Weekends in Unlimited. You’ll compete against the MyTEAM community to get four wins in seven games. And if you play on New Gen, you’ll even see your MyTEAM lineup celebrate winning the championship after getting that fourth win. It’s gonna be a fun challenge.


Triple Threat Online: Co-Op has a cool new update called Looking for Group. Now, you don’t have to wait for your friends to come online to play together. You can use matchmaking to find other players and form a group. Once you’re grouped up, you can choose your Player Cards and start playing games together. And don’t worry, you can still play with your friends in different ways like Competitive online, Cooperative games against the AI, or Party games with friends in the same lobby. With crossplay on New Gen, you’ll have even more competitive matchups and more players to join in with the Looking for Group feature. It’s gonna be a blast.
let’s dive into the Clutch Time updates! Get ready for the House of Clutch, the most amazing environment in MyTEAM. It has a stunning mural, luxurious opera-style boxes, ads surrounding the court, theater seating for the crowd, and a unique jumbotron. It’s truly a sight to see! On the court, Clutch Time is still familiar with 5-minute games, sudden death overtime, and a 4-point line. But this year, the shot clock will use the full 24 seconds instead of 14 seconds. It’s gonna be intense.



Coach Cards are getting an awesome upgrade with Coach Boosts. Before, Coach Cards were limited to a specific system. But now, each Coach Card has unique boosts for certain game situations. For example, if you complete the MAMBA MOMENTS™ mode, you’ll get a special Amethyst Kobe Bryant Coach Card. Coach Mamba will improve your players’ Blinders badges to at least Gold during the entire 4th quarter, and if they already have a Blinders badge, it’ll be boosted to Hall of Fame. Other coaches might require you to go on a scoring run or out-rebound your opponent to trigger their boosts. With boosted attributes and badges, Coach Cards add a whole new level of strategy to building your lineup and enhancing your playstyle. It’s gonna be epic.

When you’re playing, you’ll now hear hidden dialogue lines from the commentary crews when you have two iconic players in the same lineup. It’s awesome to hear Kevin Harlan talk about your combo of Vince Carter and Zion Williamson. And there’s more! The new scorebug in 5v5 modes gives you extra space to see Challenge win conditions right in the game. Plus, you can now see the actual stats of your Player Cards in the in-game overlays. It’s a great way to see who you dominate with during the game. So exciting!




When you start playing MyTEAM in NBA 2K24, you get to choose your favorite team’s Starter Kit. It comes with their uniforms, court, arena, logo, and five Gold ’24 NBA: Series 1 Player Cards from that team. You also get an Evolution Starter Player Card from your chosen team, which starts as Gold and evolves to Emerald. If you want other teams’ Starter Player Cards, you can earn them by earning two stars against those teams in Current Domination. After naming your MyTEAM, you’ll get a free Welcome to MyTEAM Pack with an Emerald Derek Fisher. As you progress, you’ll earn Shattered Prize pieces to unlock the Welcome to MyTEAM reward, Sapphire Robert Horry. It’s gonna be a fun journey!


Shattered Prizes are like broken rewards in MyTEAM. You have to find the pieces and put them together to get the prize. The pieces can be found in mini games and other places. For Sapphire Robert Horry, the pieces are in the Welcome to MyTEAM agenda groups. Completing these groups will upgrade your lineup with more Emerald and Sapphire Player Cards. You can also customize your look on the court. Emerald Derek Fisher and Sapphire Robert Horry are a Dynamic Duo, and they boost each other’s ratings. You can save multiple lineups for Triple Threat and Clutch Time modes. It’s all about assembling and upgrading your lineup for different challenges.


Once you’re in the Edit Lineups menu, there are more improvements to help you create the lineups you need. You can use the new autofill options to quickly fill your lineup with the best Player Cards in your collection. You can also autofill empty slots with three-point shooters, defensive players, or your tallest players. Need to create a new Salary Cap lineup? Choose your stars and autofill the rest within the cap limit.


In Spotlight Sims, you can now autofill with Player Cards from specific teams. There’s even an Autofill with Randomized option for Domination. You can now directly edit individual players in the Edit Player suite. Apply badge and shoe cards, complete evolutions, and heal injuries all in one place. NBA 2K24 also allows you to apply multiple tiers of badges at once, and shoe cards now have randomized attribute boosts. You can customize them further in the MT Shoe Lab or apply them directly to your favorite player.



The rewards for collecting cards in MyTEAM are really important. In April, during Season 6, the top reward for reaching the highest Collector Level will be Kobe Bryant! But before that, let’s talk about the rewards for our collections coming next week. At launch, there will be around 450 current NBA Player Cards, ranging from Gold to Sapphire. Each team’s collection will have a Ruby Player Reward Card. Completing a full Conference will give you Amethyst Bam Adebayo for the Eastern Conference and Amethyst Jamal Murray for the Western Conference. And if you add both to your collection, you’ll get a powerful Pink Diamond Michael Malone Coach Card with great boosts for your lineup in future Seasons.


Sure thing! In Season 1 of NBA 2K24, if you reach the Collector Level, you can add a really powerful card to your collection. By collecting a total of 500 Player Cards, you’ll earn a strong Diamond Shawn Marion reward card. Along the way, you’ll also get Hall of Fame Badge Cards and more. Throughout the year, there will be regular releases of new Player Cards multiple times each week, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add to your collection. To start off the year, there will be over 50 Player Cards added across three #2KDAY collections and one collection from the first event, Legendary Path. Make sure to stay tuned to our social media for more news and updates about NBA 2K24.


NBA 2K24’s MyTEAM is a really cool update that changes how the mode is played. The Player Market will give you more power when adding Player Cards to your collection. You’ll earn more MTP (MyTEAM Points) by playing games, which gives you more flexibility and choices. There’s also a new Season XP progression and a multiplayer Salary Cap mode that rewards you for playing the mode or competing online. And that’s just the beginning! There are lots of other improvements throughout the entire mode. It’s all starting next week, so get ready for an awesome MyTEAM experience.

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