NBA Season 1

NBA 2K24 season 1 is here, with new rewards and content. NBA 2K24 and Season 1 is here! There are lots of new things to do and earn, like cool rewards and powerful cards. You can level up and unlock content in MyCAREER and MyTEAM. It’s gonna be an awesome year.



NBA 2K24 lets you chase your NBA aspirations, aiming to etch your name among the legends of basketball. Embark on your MyCAREER adventure as one of the most talked-about talents in recent decades, with the challenge to live up to the hype. Aim for the Rookie of the Year title, secure the MVP spot, and hoist championships to solidify your status among the game’s all-time greats. The immersive City and Neighborhood settings will vary based on your gaming console, setting the stage for your narrative. By playing matches, you’ll gain XP and ascend the Season rewards tier, now packed with more prizes than ever.

This year, the Seasonal path combines both MyTEAM and MyCAREER rewards. As you get more XP, you’ll move up levels and get free prizes from both game modes! Plus, the Season Pass* gives you 120 extra rewards. You can choose from two special Season Passes: Pro Pass or Hall of Fame Pass. Each season, buying any pass gives you 40 more special rewards. But the Hall of Fame Pass also gives you a quick jump of 10 levels and 15% more XP. With these 10 level jumps, you can quickly climb and get more rewards.

Getting to Level 40 is great, but to really show your skills, join the 2K game event called “Become a Pro” starting on October 12. With the 2K League, you can play in teams of 5 to try and get into the 2K League Draft. In Season 1, these team games are on October 12 and 13 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST and then on October 14 and 15 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. After that, in Season 2, the game will change to teams of 3 starting October 21. Keep an eye out for more details on how to become a 2K League expert!


If you’ve read our MyTEAM report, you’ll see that we’ve made some big changes to how MyTEAM works and feels every day. The way you collect and use MyTEAM Points is now better and gives you more choices. This year, playing MyTEAM is even more rewarding. Plus, there are new cards to collect. The rewards for Season 1 include great players who can score well and make plays, perfect for any team you put together.

Start your MyTEAM with a free LeBron James card. He’s rated 90, which means he’s really good in the game at scoring, helping others score, getting the ball back, and defending. LeBron is famous and has been great on every team. One of his best moments was when he played in Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and they won a championship. If you reach MyTEAM Level 40, you’ll get a Kyrie Irving card and you have this, you can pair him with LeBron, just like they were in 2016 when they won together. If you get the special Premium Pass, you’ll get a special version of the Kyrie card.

In this season, you can get MyTEAM rewards like cards for Kevin Garnett, Jordan Clarkson, Vlade Divac, Bradley Beal, and others. If you collect all the players for this season and reach Level 40 then you’ll get a special Brandon Roy card from the Trail Blazers. When NBA 2K24 starts, there will be lots of rewards to earn. On the first day, there will be collections with cards for Jayson Tatum, Chris Webber, Klay Thompson, and an event with a Damian Lillard card. If you want to know more about the card packs. What’s coming in the first week of NBA 2K24, check out the MyTEAM Playbook page.

The W Online

Sabrina Ionescu, who’s on the NBA 2K24 game cover, and her team, the New York Liberty, are doing well as they get ready for the WNBA Playoffs. But they might face a strong team, the Las Vegas Aces. As these teams get ready, you can play NBA 2K24 and earn new rewards for Season 1. There are weekly prizes and other rewards throughout the year. Want to play against others online in The W Online? There’s a lot to enjoy this season.

Weekly Goal

  • Brittney Griner Jersey
  • Team Accelerator Boosts
  • Team Resilience Boosts
  • Team Extender Boosts
  • Helping Hands Boosts
  • Player Boosts

Season Rewards

  • MyTEAM Ace Jersey Card
  • Tanisha Wright Historic T-Shirt
  • Satou Sabally Jersey
  • Brittney Griner All-Star Jersey
  • Clothing Bundles

Gear up for what’s sure to be an action-packed WNBA Playoffs and the start of a new year in NBA 2K!

Get ready for Season 1 of NBA 2K24! Create your legacy in MyCAREER, collect awesome cards in MyTEAM, and take on WNBA legends in The W. Earn XP, level up, and unlock cool rewards. Let’s ball.