NBA 2K24 New Badges Guide

NBA 2K24 New Badges Guide and their specifications, Details and locker codes.

Bulldozer, Blow Bys, and Speed Booster

NBA 2K24 New Badges Guide: NBA 2K24 has made some awesome changes and improvements to the game, and Badges are a hot topic among players. If you want to have an edge in the game, it’s important to understand the badge system. Some key badges to focus on are Contains Bulldozer, Blow Bys, and Speed Booster. These badges can give you more control and speed on the court. So, make sure to pay attention to them and level up your game.

Characteristics Of The Three Badges

  • Bulldozer: This badge is like a combination of the clamp breaker and bully badges. It’s not just about making layups, but it can also help you set up for a powerful dunk. With this badge, your players can dominate the court and show off their strength, just like LeBron. It’s all about that absolute power.
  • Blow Bys: This badge helps offensive players easily get past defenders on the outside. It’s like a speed booster, making players faster and helping them move quickly and smoothly on the court. So, with this badge, you’ll be zooming past defenders in no time.
  • These badges are super important in matches, and the cool thing is that they can stack together. That means Bulldozer and Blow Bys can work together with Speed Booster, and vice versa. This stacking ability can really change the game, especially when planning your gameplay strategy. Just remember, to use these badges to their fullest, you will get meet certain requirements. So keep working hard and leveling up those skills.

1. Blow Bys

  • Gold: Ball handle: 92, Speed with ball: 83, Acceleration: 83
  • Hall of Fame: Ball handle: 97, Speed with ball 89, Acceleration 90.

2. Speed Booster

  • Gold: 92 ball handle, 83 speed with ball, 87 acceleration or 86 speed.
  • Hall of Fame: 95 ball handle, 91 speed with ball, 93 acceleration or 92 speed.

3. Bulldozer

  • Bronze: 74 Strength, minimum height 6’5”
  • Silver: 84 Strength
  • Gold: 92 strength.
  • Hall of Fame: 96 strength.

The bulldozer badge is even better than the bully badge from the last game. It activates more often, so you’ll see its effects more frequently during gameplay. When it kicks in, it helps you push opponents out of the way, making it easier for you to drive to the basket or create some space. It’s like having a powerful bulldozer on the court

How To Improve Bulldozer Badge?

  1. Make dunks, spins, retreats and other actions in the paint area.
  2. Initiate a contact foul while driving toward the basket.
  3. Win rebounds in crowded paint battles.
  4. Increase your power level.

The more you show off your fitness and strength in the painted area, the quicker you’ll level up your badge. And once you reach the Hall of Fame level, you’ll become an unstoppable force on the court. Keep pushing and dominating.

Best Badge Combination

Slashers with a strength of 92 can unlock the super powerful Hall of Fame Bulldozer badge. And when you pair it with the silver Blow Bys badge, which needs an 84 ball handle and 75 speed with the ball, it becomes a deadly combo. It’s like a secret weapon on the court.

or the Hall of Fame Blow Bys and Speed Booster badges. This combo is great for nailing those three-point shots, but keep in mind that it might affect your defense and dunking abilities a bit. It’s all about finding the right balance for your play style on the court.

If you’re lucky enough to have a solid team to play with, you can focus on building your player with specific badge combinations that interest you. But if you’re playing with random teammates, it’s good to have a more balanced build to adapt to different team dynamics.

The badge system in NBA 2K can be a bit complex, but once you understand it, it can really boost your performance on the court. So whether you’re a Slasher, Play Shots, or something in between, knowing the right badge combinations can make a huge difference in your game. Keep grinding and dominating.