NBA 2K24 Early Reviews from Content Creators

A group of NBA content creators have had the opportunity to play early and test the new NBA 2K24. But the developers have encountered pretty negative opinions. Here’s all you need to know. Here’s what they have to say.

NBA 2K24 content creators have played early & it’s not positive

As the launch date for NBA 2K24 gets closer, fans are getting more excited. Developers will be unveiling more details about the game modes and new features throughout August. But, some NBA players and famous content creators have already had a chance to try out NBA 2K24, and their feedback isn’t very positive. Let’s dive into their comments.

A viral short video featuring Davo Migo and iPodKingCarter has caught a lot of attention. In it, they claim that NBA 2K24 is basically the “same game” as NBA 2K23 with just a “few new things” added. They didn’t seem very impressed by the changes.

NBA 2K24

This video was shot during NBA 2K24 Community Day in Las Vegas, an event where many content creators got a chance to play NBA 2K24 early.

Moreover, Dirk_JDR, a popular NBA 2K eSports commentator and content creator on Twitch, chimed in on X (formerly Twitter). He commented that the community “complains every year” but changes their minds when the game is released.

NBA 2K24

In the end, we’ll have to wait until NBA 2K24’s official release on September 8. Only then will we know if 2K Games has created a repeat of NBA 2K23 or if they’ve made genuine improvements to enhance the gaming experience.