NBA 2K24 Ratings Leaked

NBA 2K24 is coming out on September 8, and fans are curious about the best players in the game. Thanks to some leaks, we have a list of the Top 25 Players NBA 2K24 Ratings Leaked list based on their game ratings. 2K Games promises that this new game will be even better than before. Everyone’s wondering if players like Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, or Giannis Antetokounmpo will have the top spot. Let’s see who the top 25 players are in this game!

NBA 2K24 Ratings Leaked: Top 25 Highest-Rated Players

NBA 2K24 Player Ratings
Nikola Jokic C Denver Nuggets +1 97
Joel Embiid C Philadelphia 76ers +1 97
LeBron James SF Los Angeles Lakers +1 97
Giannis Antetokounmpo PF Milwaukee Bucks 97
Luka Doncic PG Dallas Mavericks +2 97
Kevin Durant PF Phoenix Suns 96
Stephen Curry PG Golden State Warriors 96
Jayson Tatum PF Boston Celtics +2 95
Damian Lillard PG Portland Trailblazers +6 95
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander PG Oklahoma City Thunder +7 94
Anthony Davis PF Los Angeles Lakers +4 94
Jimmy Butler SF Miami Heat 93
Kawhi Leonard SF Los Angeles Clippers -2 92
Ja Morant PG Memphis Grizzlies -1 92
Devin Booker SG Phoenix Suns +1 92
Zion Williamson PF New Orleans Pelicans +5 92
Donovan Mitchell PG Cleveland Cavaliers +4 92
Kyrie Irving PG Dallas Mavericks +2 91
James Harden SG Philadelphia 76ers +1 90
Jaylen Brown SG Boston Celtics +3 90
Paul George SF Los Angeles Clippers +2 89
De’Aaron Fox PG Sacramento Kings +5 89
Domantas Sabonis PF Sacramento Kings +3 89
Tyrese Haliburton SG Indiana Pacers +5 89
Trae Young PG Atlanta Hawks -1 89

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Damian Lillard, two standout point guards, have seen significant improvements in their gameplay. While both are crucial for their respective teams, they have distinct styles. Shai uses strength to drive towards the basket, focusing on a more physical approach. On the other hand, Lillard is renowned for his exceptional three-point shooting skills. Their contrasting methods underline the diversity and richness of talent in the NBA, showcasing how different playing styles can equally contribute to a team’s success.