Who Are the Best New Players in NBA 2K24?

Our Top 10 New Players in NBA 2K24 Predictions

Are you curious about the best new players, or Rookies, in NBA 2K24? We’re still waiting for the official word from 2K Games, but we have some guesses about the top ten Rookies with the highest ratings in the new game.

The big release of NBA 2K24 is coming soon, and there’s a lot to look forward to. The makers of the game are going to tell us about all kinds of new things we can do, like playing in MyTEAM, MyCAREER, and MyNBA modes. One of the things people are most excited about is finding out the ratings of the players.

This is really important for the game, and we’ve already heard some rumors about the top players. But we’re still waiting to hear the official scores for the new Rookies in NBA 2K24.

Some of the new players we’re waiting to hear about include Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson, and the Amen brothers. It’s only a few more weeks until we know for sure, but until then, here’s what we think the ratings for the top 10 Rookies in NBA 2K24 might be. It’s going to be really exciting to see if our predictions are right!

Guessing the Top New Player Ratings in NBA 2K24

The makers of NBA 2K24, 2K Games, have only let us know one rating so far, and it’s for Scoot Henderson. He’s the second pick of the 2023 Draft, and his rating is 78, as told on X (what used to be called Twitter). But they haven’t told us when they’ll tell us the rest of the ratings for NBA 2K24.

While we wait, we’ve come up with our own ideas about the top ten new players, or Rookies, with the best ratings in the game:

Victor Wembanyama C San Antonio Spurs 81
Brandon Miller SF Charlotte Hornets 79
Scoot Henderson PG Portland Trailblazers 78 (confirmed)
Amen Thompson PG Houston Rockets 76
Ausar Thompson SF Detroit Pistons 76
Anthony Black PG Orlando Magic 76
Bilal Coulibaly SF Washington Wizards 75
Jarace Walker PF Indiana Pacers 75
Taylor Hendricks PF Utah Jazz 74
Cason Wallace PG Oklahoma City Thunder 73

We think Victor Wembanyama will be at the top. He was the first pick of the 2023 Draft, and the San Antonio Spurs are hoping he’ll help them be a top team again and maybe even win a championship.

These are just our guesses for the top ten Rookies in NBA 2K24. We won’t know for sure until the people who make the game tell us. But while we’re waiting, we’ve got other guides for NBA 2K24 that you might like to look at!