What is MyNBA?

The possibilities are endless in MyNBA mode. With five Eras to choose from, each revolving around some of the greatest players of all time, you can take control of your favorite NBA franchise and take it to championship glory. You can run the show as General Manager from top to bottom, make strategic decisions as a coach, and execute the game plan as the players. MyNBA gives you the tools to build new superteams, recreate history, or change the course of iconic seasons.

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Take Control Of The League In MyNBA.

Get ready to be the boss in MyNBA, the super awesome franchise mode in NBA 2K24 New Gen for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can take charge of the Association and play with your favorite players from the iconic eras. It’s time to show off your basketball skills and have a blast.

Last year, NBA 2K23 brought us some amazing Eras in MyNBA. You could go back to the ’80s and experience the Magic vs. Bird Era, or relive the dominance of the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s during the Jordan Era. And let’s not forget the early years of the Black Mamba in the Kobe Era. Well, guess what? All those awesome eras are back in NBA 2K24 New Gen, plus a brand new era: the LeBron Era. Get ready for some epic basketball action.

In MyNBA, you can have a blast trying out different lineups from different eras. You can recreate historic rivalries or mix things up and create new super teams. It’s all up to you! And in NBA 2K24 New Gen, there are even more possibilities and a new mode called MyNBA Lite for a quick and casual experience. Get ready for some fast-paced basketball fun.

Get ready for an even better MyNBA experience in New Gen. You’ll have more control to make trades, signings, and decisions that will make your team stand out. Let’s dive in and start building your winning squad!

The LeBRON Era

MyNBA2K24-The LeBRON Era

let’s head to South Beach this fall and team up with LeBron James and the ‘Heatles’ in NBA 2K24. It’s going to be epic.

In the last NBA 2K game, we had the Magic vs. Bird Era, the Jordan Era, the Kobe Era, and the Modern Era. Now, in NBA 2K24 New Gen, we also have the LeBron Era, making a total of five awesome Eras to play with.

LeBron’s big decision in 2010 had everyone on the edge of their seats. He left his hometown team to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, creating a super team. In NBA 2K24, you can take control of the Miami Heat’s Big Three or lead another NBA team to victory and spoil their championship dreams. It’s up to you.

While LeBron and the ‘Heatles’ were getting all the attention, the 2011 NBA Draft Class, with players like Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving, were waiting for their chance to shine. These talented players could be the key to challenging Miami’s powerful team.

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The Modern Era Features

The Modern Era Features

As you play through NBA 2K24 New Gen, you’ll see players age and change in different eras. It’s pretty cool to see Kobe go from young ‘Frobe to the wise Black Mamba. Plus, the reactions from pundits, journalists, and fans will be different depending on the era you’re playing in. It adds a realistic touch to the game.


In NBA 2K24, after each game, you’ll see newspaper articles that summarize your recent game and show important stats. As you progress through different eras, the newspapers will change to reflect the time period, like transitioning to a social media webpage in the ’90s. It’s a cool way to make the game feel more realistic and true to each era.

MyNBA Online

MyNBA Online

Before, in an online MyNBA league, Admins had the same powers as regular users. This means that someone who was good at editing player shoes could also kick users, revert games, and change time periods. But now, we have eight different roles with different powers.

  • Commissioner – The league owner can do everything
  • Admin – Have all normal permissions, plus a few special permissions like trade veto/approval and rule change veto/approval
  • Time Manager – Can pause, edit or add new timers
  • Gameplay Tuner – Can edit large scale things that affect gameplay for the whole league, like sliders
  • Attribute Editor – Can edit anything on a player that impacts gameplay like Vitals, attributes and badges
  • Designer – Can create and edit team jerseys, arena and logos
  • Appearance Editor – Can edit anything on a player that doesn’t directly impact gameplay

Now, with the roles in MyNBA Online on New Gen clearly defined, you can fully enjoy and make the most of the game.

Enjoy MyNBA Without Limits

MyNBA Lite on New Gen makes the whole MyNBA experience easier and faster. You can quickly jump into the game, make trades without restrictions, extend contracts whenever you want, and have accurate info on upcoming draft classes. Plus, you don’t need to scout anymore, and the offseason is condensed with a shorter free agency period. It’s a more streamlined and convenient experience.

To get started with MyNBA Lite on New Gen, all you have to do is choose an NBA team from the Modern Era and start playing. You can revamp the roster and follow the CBA rules like a real GM, which can be rewarding but takes time and dedication. With MyNBA Lite, you have the freedom and flexibility to make the moves and transactions needed to quickly compete for a championship. It’s all about drafting, trading, and winning titles.

2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have agreed on a new CBA that will start now and last until the 2029-2030 regular season. As a result, we have included the new important features in NBA 2K24 on New Gen. Check them out below:

  • Luxury tax brackets scale with the salary cap.
  • Cap smoothing prevents more than a 10% increase per year
  • Increased value from the Mid-Level Exceptions (MLEs)
  • Increased the number of two-way roster slots from two to three
  • Restricted Free Agent (RFA) qualifying offers increased by 10%
  • Adjusted the RFA Right of First Refusal period to 24 hours
  • Rookie-scale extensions last five years
  • Teams can always sign second-round picks
  • Teams can have any number of Supermax contracts, only limited by the salary cap
  • All-NBA teams are positionless

You get to decide if you want to play MyNBA with all the rules or have fewer restrictions in MyNBA Lite. It’s up to you!

More To Come

In NBA 2K24, you’ll find all your favorite modes like MyNBA, but with even more improvements to make it more fun and realistic. You can throw perfect lobs in the LeBron Era, play MyNBA Lite to get into the game faster, and try out new rules set by the League. You can also build a team of versatile All-Stars and show off your skills to win the Kia Clutch Player of the Year award! It’s going to be an exciting experience.

No worries! The MyLEAGUE mode is back in NBA 2K24 for Current Gen consoles. In this mode, you can be a General Manager and make important decisions to guide your team to championship success. You can also take on the role of the NBA Commissioner and work on improving the league. It’s an exciting and hands-on experience.

MyNBA mode and its features are only available on New Gen on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X | S