The W NBA 2K24

Pick Your WNBA Path In The W

In NBA 2K24, you can choose your own journey and become one of the best players in The W. If you’re playing on PlayStation®5 or Xbox Series X|S, there’s so much to enjoy throughout the year. Whether you’re aiming for greatness in the WNBA, playing fun street games with friends, or earning cool rewards, there’s something for everyone. Let me tell you all about the exciting changes and improvements in The W.

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Choose Your Path

NBA 2k24 Choose Your Path

You have two awesome options to start your WNBA career in NBA 2K24 on New Gen. You can either join the league as a college basketball star or as a player with valuable experience from playing internationally. It’s all about living out your WNBA dreams.

With your impressive college career, everyone knows about your skills on the court. Are you ready to handle the pressure of high expectations and make a name for yourself? It’s your time to shine.

If you want to surprise the league, you can choose the path of a player who honed their skills overseas. Start your career as an 85 overall and become a beloved player in the WNBA, even if you started as a lesser-known star. It’s all about making a name for yourself.

You have the power to choose how your WNBA career unfolds. Both options have their advantages, so it’s all up to you! Make it the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Pursue Greatness

NBA24 Pursue Greatness

No matter which path you choose, becoming a WNBA legend won’t be easy. In Pursuit of Greatness is a new feature in The W. You’ll compete against top players, battle for your position, and see how you stack up against your rivals. Show everyone that you’re the best by making it to the All-Star Game, winning the Commissioner’s Cup, and lifting the WNBA Finals trophy! It’s all about proving your talent and achieving greatness in The W.

Pickup Games

NBA24-BASE-W_Pickup Games

In NBA 2K24, there have been some changes to off-day events. Last year, players had the opportunity to work out with WNBA players they met during their career. Stay tuned to see what exciting new events await you in NBA 2K24.

The off-day events have changed. Instead of collecting WNBA contacts like last year, you’ll now compete against a veteran from your team, a star player you’re battling for a position with, and legendary players. These pick-up games will earn you badge perks and will happen throughout your seasons. Get ready for some exciting challenges.

Badge perks are super important for your growth as a future WNBA star! But guess what? There’s even more awesome stuff and rewards waiting for you in The W Online. Get ready for some exciting content and amazing surprises!

The W Rewards

NBA24-BASE-W_The W Rewards

When you’re not busy trying to achieve greatness in the WNBA season, there are exciting rewards and content to motivate your progress even more. Win games and complete challenges to earn cool 2K Breakthrough Skins, awesome MyTEAM Jersey Cards, and powerful MyTEAM Shoe Cards to boost your MyTEAM roster. Plus, you can claim Seasonal badge perks for competing in The W Online. Get ready for a whole new level of excitement and rewards.

If you’re playing on PlayStation®5 or Xbox Series X|S, you’re in for a treat! There are lots of awesome new features and rewards waiting for you in The W and The W Online. And guess what? No matter which console you’re on, you can enjoy playing with all 12 WNBA teams in Play Now. Get ready for some exciting basketball action!

The W content is only available on NBA 2K24 New Gen on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X | S.