New Era Of Authenticity Arrives In NBA 2k24 New Gen

NBA 2K24 on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles uses ProPLAY™ technology for more realistic gameplay. It translates real NBA movements into the game. It’s a big achievement in sports gaming. You’ll notice the difference in shots, offense, and defense.

Every year, NBA 2K gets better at capturing realistic movements, but ProPLAY takes it to the next level. It uses advanced technology to directly translate real NBA game movements into NBA 2K24. It’s a big achievement in sports gaming.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been helping athletes recreate their special moves using motion capture. But now, we can make contested step backs, acrobatic layups, and other moves even more accurate by using real NBA footage.

This year, when you play on the New Gen consoles, you’ll notice a big improvement in shots, free throws, offense, and defense. It’s a noticeable change throughout the game.

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What’s The Difference ?

If you’ve ever tried shooting a difficult shot with an imaginary defender, you know it’s not the same as doing it in a real game. That’s the main difference between motion capture and ProPLAY.

Motion capture has done a great job in getting NBA 2K closer to the real NBA experience. It will still play an important role, but ProPLAY takes it to the next level by using more natural and intense technology for peak performance.

In NBA 2K24 New Gen, the shots, movements, dribbling, rebounds, blocks, passes, and free throws feel more realistic because they’ve been captured in real-time situations. Previous versions of NBA 2K had different dribble moves and jumpshots, but capturing difficult layups or ankle-breaking step backs like in a real game is a new level of realism.

ProPLAY technology creates realistic movements that match your favorite players, like Kevin Durant’s jumpshot or Steph Curry’s dribble moves. It makes the game look and feel more authentic.

All New Animations

With ProPLAY in New Gen, every movement and interaction in the game looks even more realistic. Here are some of the cool new animations:

  • Jumpshots
  • Dunks
  • Layups
  • Dribble Moves
  • Pass Animations
  • Signature Movement (Offense & Defense)

Not only the main actions, but even the small details like inbound passes have been scanned to make the game more realistic. ProPLAY immerses you in the full NBA experience.

ProPLAY makes NBA 2K24 on New Gen feel real, and the improvements we’ve made in gameplay enhance the experience for all players.

Shooting and Dunking

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player, the shooting and dribbling in offense are easier to learn and enjoy.

Shot Timing

If you’re playing on Hall of Fame difficulty or in competitive modes like REC or City, you’ll face a tougher challenge with shot timing. But in modes like Quick Play, MyNBA, or MyTEAM, the shot timing is more forgiving, so you don’t have to memorize every player’s release perfectly.

In NBA 2K23, the Shot Timing Release Time setting has changed to Shot Timing Visual Cue. Instead of timing-based, you can now choose your release point based on animation cues. This makes it easier to play with unfamiliar players and teams.

Layup Timing

Layup timing is now easier for everyone, making it simpler to score at the rim. But if you master it, you can pull off impressive layups in traffic. Advanced layups like floaters, reverses, euros, hop steps, and scoops are also more effective this year, especially for slashers.


On New Gen consoles, if you hold the Sprint trigger when doing a two-hand dunk, you can hang on the rim. Pressing Down on the Pro Stick gives you flashy dunks, while Up/Down or Down/Up throws let you attempt contact dunks. Be precise with the dunk meter for higher difficulty levels.

Paint Play

In NBA 2K24, big players will enjoy dominating in the paint. After an offensive rebound, you can go for a putback by pressing the Shoot button. Post fades and hop shots are great moves for post players. Strong and heavy players have an advantage in grabbing rebounds and scoring second-chance points.

Dribble Breakdowns

To take high percentage shots in NBA 2K24, you need to create space with your dribbling. I love the dribble breakdowns in the game! Each player has two versions: Regular breakdowns by flicking up on the right analog stick, and Aggressive breakdowns by flicking up with Sprint held. These moves help you create separation and set up explosive drives or other dribble moves.

In NBA 2K24, the dribble system has more cool moves like double crosses and hesitation crosses. On New Gen consoles, your favorite ball handlers are even more explosive and have unique signature combos that can really shake defenders.

In NBA 2K24, there’s a cool move called the blowout dribble. When you’re moving, just tap the Sprint trigger to get a burst of speed. The ball handler pushes the ball ahead, which helps you quickly transition to offense. You can also use this move in the front court to change your pace and easily get past defenders.

Adrenaline Boosts

In NBA 2K24, there are adrenaline boosts that make offense and defense more exciting. Elite ball handlers have more freedom to create moves without losing boosts. But if the defender bumps the ball handler during a drive, the boosts disappear. This year, losing adrenaline affects shooting abilities more than movement. So if a defender can stop the ball handler multiple times in one possession, it’ll be tough for them to score.

It’s not just about dribbling to create your own shot. Knowing how to move without the ball is just as important. You can use the right analog stick to perform quick moves and free yourself up for a shot or cut to the basket. Just like when you’re dribbling, you can also tap the Sprint trigger to get a burst of speed and find open spots on the floor for shots or easy dunks and layups.

Skill Based Defense

In NBA 2K24, counter moves are really important. Both perimeter and paint defense are better and reward players for predicting and making smart plays.

Defensive movement is better and more responsive. Defenders can get in position easily and the body up system makes it hard for ball handlers to escape. In the paint, big defenders can guard shooters at the rim and make it difficult for them to score.

You can use directional steals to bother ball handlers. Reach with the hand closest to the ball and avoid reaching across your body to avoid fouls. You can also use directional steals to intercept passes by flicking the right stick in the right direction.

In NBA 2K24, they made changes to how players contest shots. It’s more about positioning your body correctly. This fixes the issue of “ghost contests” from previous games. Blocking shots also requires more skill. You have to read the offense and choose the right time to go for a block. If you jump too early, fall for fakes, or are out of position, you’ll foul or give the shooter an easy scoring opportunity. Knowing when to make your move on defense can make a big difference in the game.


In NBA 2K24 for New Gen consoles, Takeover is back, but with a twist.

In previous versions, you had to choose Takeover abilities when creating your player. These abilities would activate when you got hot in the game. But in NBA 2K24, you can now choose your Takeover abilities on the spot, whenever you want.

Once your Takeover meter is full, you can choose between Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defense/Rebounding, or Physicals. This boosts your ratings in that specific category. You can evaluate what your team needs and decide how you want to take over. If you fill up the second meter, you can activate Double Takeover and boost two different categories. Unlocking Mamba Mentality boosts all your attributes, making you a beast on both ends of the court.


When the game is coming to an end and you want the ball, you can use 2K Smart Play. It helps you make simple play calls while running the offense. After a shot, an overlay appears and tells you the play that will be called. To choose the play, just tap L1 or the Left Bumper before crossing halfcourt. The play will be called for the player with the most relevant play type.

To call your favorite plays, press the left direction button and choose from 16 actions. You can call full plays, isolations, and give-and-gos. NBA 2K24 has made everything about offense, defense, and coaching simpler for a more enjoyable experience.


If you want more control over your AI teammates in NBA 2K24, we’ve added a new freelance called Comp. It’s for competitive players who prefer to control all the movement. In Comp, there are no pass or cut actions. The AI players spread out on the court in a five-out set. You can trigger actions using the 16 favorite plays and actions on the left direction button.

We added five new double action plays to help you with the comp freelance. These mini-plays combine two actions for quick combos and scoring opportunities. For example, we have Give Flare, where you hand off the ball and set a flare screen.

These plays are super quick and work really well. You can mix them with your favorite plays to come up with lots of creative possibilities.

To make the comp player even better, we added a teammate cut-to-basket feature with auto and manual options. Auto lets the AI cut when they see a chance, while manual makes them cut only when you tell them to. This feature works for freelance, not specific plays.

We also added something called the motion freelance this year. It’s a special way of playing where the game automatically decides the best actions for your players to score, based on who’s playing. You don’t have to do anything special, just let the game do its thing and watch your best players shine.

Unlike the old freelances, this one doesn’t have a fixed structure. It can change from 3 out to 4 out to 5 out, depending on what works best for your team. We can also keep updating it throughout the year with new actions for new scorers. It’s really flexible and exciting!


In NBA 2K24, we made some cool changes to the lineups and substitutions. Before, the AI would sub all players out at once, which sometimes led to scoring problems. Now, we have a new system that keeps scorers on the court. We have data for lineups with 1, 2, and 3 scorers, so we make sure the starters are in the game at the right times. It’s all about keeping the scoring going.

The new system also lets teams have a special lineup with a key bench player. It can also simulate situations where the closing lineup is different from the starting lineup. It’s all about giving teams more options and flexibility.

With this system, the offensive strategy can change based on the lineups, thanks to the ACE offensive game-plan engine. It adds a new challenge for users who used to take advantage of the AI’s non-scoring lineups to make a comeback. It keeps things exciting and unpredictable.

NBA 2K on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S is getting an exciting update called ProPLAY. It’s a new era for the game, and you can try it out starting September 8. Get ready for some awesome gameplay enhancements too.

  • Note: ProPLAY technology is only available on New Gen consoles.